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Yuping Shen

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Yuping Shen(Associate Professor in Pharmacy)


1998/09~2002/06, Jiangsu University, BSc in Pharmacy

2002/09~2005/06, Jiangsu University, MSc in Pharmacognosy

2012/09~Present, Jiangsu University, PhD in Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

2002/09~2007/07, Teaching Assistant, Jiangsu University

2007/08~2014/06, Lecturer, Jiangsu University

2014/07~Present, Associate Professor, Jiangsu University

2017/01~2018/01, Nanyang Technological University, Visiting Scholar


  • Preparation of bioactive ingredients from herbs by enzymatic hydrolysis or biotransformation

  • Quality control of animal-derived Chinese medicine

  • Biologics (Cysteine-rich peptides, specific peptides, signature proteins, DNA fragments, etc) in Chinese herbal medicine


[1] Yuping Shen,et al. Efficient Preparation of Rare Sagittatoside A from Epimedin A, by Recyclable Aqueous Organic Two-phase Enzymatic Hydrolysis [J]. Natural Product Research, 2018.08.20 accepted

[2]Yuping Shen,et al. Integrated extraction and purification of total bioactive flavonoids from Toona sinensis leaves [J]. Natural Product Research, 2018.08.05 accepted

[3]Yuping Shen,et al. Construction of a novel catalysis system for clean and efficient preparation of Baohuoside I from Icariin based on biphase enzymatic hydrolysis [J]. Journal of Cleaner Production,2018, 170: 727-734.

[4]Yuping Shen,et al. Establishment of a rapid method to quantify eight flavonol glycosides for quality assessment of Red Toon using UPLC [J]. Acta Chromatographica,2018, 30(1): 31-37.

[5] Huan Yang, Pingtian Yu, Yi Lu, Zhaoqun Jiao, Liqun Chen, Ying Zhou,Yuping Shen*, Xiaobin Jia*. A novel non-sequencing approach for rapid authentication of Testudinis Carapax et Plastrum and Trionycis Carapax by species-specific primers [J]. Royal Society Open Science, 2018, 5: 172140.

[6] Huan Yang, Ying Zhou, Pingtian Yu, Yaya Yang, Zhaoqun Jiao, James P. Tam,Yuping Shen*, Xiaobin Jia*. A Novel PCR-based Technology for Rapid and Non-sequencing Authentication of Bombyx batryticatus Using Species-specific Primers [J]. Natural Product Research, 2018, 4.24 online

[7] Huan Yang, Jie Zheng, Haiyan Wang, Nan Li, Yaya Yang,Yuping Shen*. Comparative proteomic analysis of three gelatinous Chinese medicines and their authentications by tryptic-digested peptides profiling using MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS [J]. Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2017, 13(52): 663-667.

[8] Huan Yang, Huawu Yin,Yuping Shen*, Guohua Xia, Bo Zhang, Xiangyang Wu, Baochang Cai*, James P. Tam. A more ecological and efficient approach for producing diosgenin from Dioscorea zingiberensis tubers via pressurized biphase acid hydrolysis [J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, 131: 10-19.


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