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Prof. Weiming Zhang, from Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants, was employ

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On the morning of June 7th, Professor Zhang Weiming, president of Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants, was employed as an adjunct professor in our university and the ceremony was hold in the third lecture hall of the conference center. At the ceremony, Jijian Zhang, vice-president of Jiangsu University, issued a letter of appointment and wore a school emblem for Zhang Weiming. Professor Ximing Xu, dean of School of pharmacy, presided over the engagement ceremony and nearly 100 teachers and students attended the ceremony.After the employment ceremony, professor Zhang gave a report entitled "Ecological High-value Utilization of Special Economic plants".

The Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants was Signed and approved by then-vice-president Xiannian Li and then-vice-premier Yi Fang in 1978. It is a national scientific research institute directly affiliated to the Supply and Marketing Cooperation Society of China and the only professional one specializing in the investigation, research and development of wild plant resources and the industrialization of comprehensive utilization of resources. This exchange is conducive to the in-depth integration of pharmacy, agronomy and food science, and lays a foundation for highlighting the new characteristics of agricultural research in our university.

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