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The pharmaceutical engineering specialty in our college achieved certificate of engineering educatio

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Recently, the higher education teaching evaluation center of the Ministry of Education and the Chinese association of engineering education professional accreditation have officially issued the notice (2018, no. 10), announcing the conclusions of attending professional certification of national engineering education in 2017.The pharmaceutical engineering major in our school has successfully passed the professional certification of Chinese engineering education, which is valid for 6 years, namely from January 2018 to December 2023. During this period, graduates in this major will be recognized internationally by member states of Washington Accord.

Up to now, 17 universities, including East China University of Technology, Sichuan University, Dalian University of Technology and Hefei University of Technology, have passed the professional certification in pharmaceutical engineering.

The professional certification of engineering education is grateful for the process of deepening the education reform and comprehensively improving the teaching quality, which has provided the successful experience for the construction and development of specialty in our college.

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