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Professor Weiping Zheng was invited to edit the series of Elsevier books

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Recently, Elsevier, a famous publishing group, officially published a monograph entitled "Sirtuins in Health and Disease" by professor Zheng Weiping, who was invited to be editor-in-chief for the series of books, Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science.

Sirtuin represents a kind of proteinyllysine deacylase that is very important in physiology and medicine. Professor Zheng's research group has made great contributions in the field of sirtuin since 2004 at Akron university in the United States, in particular, the achievement from the research group in 2006 has promoted the most successful development of sirtuin catalytic activity inhibitors based on the catalytic mechanism. After years of hard working, the results of the research group have been greatly recognized by the world academic circles, and they have reached and established the international academic status. All the authors of this monograph who responded to the invitation of Professor Cheng were professors in the sirtuin field from the world's top universities (Cornell University, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, National University of Singapore). The publication of this monograph will also continue to raise the worldwide academic popularity of Jiangsu University and School of Pharmacy.


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