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The School of Pharmacy held the donation and distribution ceremony of "Jiang Wenruo's Scholarship"

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On December 28, the donation and distribution ceremony of "Jiang Wenruo Scholarship" for undergraduate students in School of Pharmacy, Jiangsu University, was held in the conference room of the pharmacy building. Qinhua Song, chairman of the foundation, and Mr. Panmin Zhou attended the ceremony, and Yirong Fan, deputy director of student affairs, attended the ceremony and gave a speech. Yuan Wei and Chunlai Feng, party secretary and vice-president of the School of Pharmacy separately, and all students who received the Jiang Wenruo Scholarship" attended the ceremony.

Yirong Fan highly praised chairman Song for his enthusiasm for public welfare and caring for the growth of college students. At the same time, he put forward two requirements to the eight recipient students, first, they should learn their specialty well and study hard to go further in the future work and make greater contributions; Second, they ought to always have a grateful heart and sense of gratitude, establish a long-term collaboration and interaction, and actively give back to society.

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