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Four Projects Receive Funding From NSFC in 2014

Time2014-11-28 Onclick

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced their evaluated decision on the funds of 2014. So far, the School of Pharmacy has received four projects. Among them, the project The application of self-assembled nanoparticles with DNV-Cationic Polysaccharide-Carbon Quantum Dots for direct reprogramming somatic cells was selected to be granted one million RMB, which is not only the one of four projects of more than 1 Million fund in pharmaceutical discipline this year, but also the highest fund in the Jiangsu University.

Up to date, the overall number and amounts of the funding from NSFC received by our school have gradually increased, which established the foundation of the rapid development in the terms of teaching, research, academic achievements and other aspects of the school.

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