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School of Pharmacy carried out voluntary activity in community on ¡®World Sleep Day¡¯

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                    School of Pharmacy carried out voluntary activity in community on ¡®World Sleep Day¡¯
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                        To improve awareness of healthy sleep to residents in the community and propagate ¡®World Sleep Day¡¯, volunteers from Youth Volunteers Association of School of Pharmacy in Jiangsu University held a voluntary activity with theme of ¡®healthy sleep into the community¡¯ in Jingkou Road Community, Zhengjiang, on 22nd March.

                        In the community, volunteers have organized a series of activities such as distributing material on healthy sleep, testing sleep, signing care for healthy sleep and questionnaire survey. Through these activities, many residents have realized the importance of healthy sleep and high-quality sleep. ¡®Sleep is an active process of human body, only sufficient sleep, balanced diet and appropriate sports can rally spirits and relieve fatigue¡¯. From the collected questionnaires, volunteers have found that along with the fast development of economy, population with low-quality sleep is increasing year by year. The phenomenon of light sleep and insomnia among middle-aged and elderly people in the community had not been paid enough attention yet, and subhealthy state was common among residents. Residents were very interested in this activity. For example, sleeping-test site had attracted many people to sign, a constant stream of people were coming for consultation and they were enormously enthusiastic.

                        This activity not only enhanced awareness of healthy sleep in community residents, but also let the undergraduates realize that deal with relationship of study, work and sleep properly, ¡®healthy sleep, strong physique¡¯ was the premise to be mature and to take social responsibility for themselves.

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