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Herbs Club of School of Pharmacy held the 2nd Quiz on knowledge of TCM

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                    Herbs Club of School of Pharmacy held the 2nd Quiz on knowledge of TCM
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                        To promote history and culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), improve study atmosphere of TCM in Jiangsu University, enrich and consolidate students knowledge of TCM, herbs club of school of pharmacy held the 2nd Quiz on knowledge of TCM at San Cha Kou in students dormitory area recently.

                        In this Quiz, questions were divided into four types, including history and culture, policies and regulations, research and technology and life common sense. It covered history , culture, theory, R&D, plant (or raise), production, preparation, compatibility, food therapy, health care, health maintenance, differentiation, preservation, even how to see a traditional Chinese doctor, how to take Traditional Chinese Medicine and a series of methods or theories of adjunctive therapy with Chinese Medicine. On the Quiz site, contestants could choose a variety of types of questions to challenge. Novelty shown in personalized introduction by contestants, courage in the required questions, scramble in rob to answer, wits in risk problem, made students to positively participate in the Quiz. Even some audience came to the stage to answer. From Quiz, students extracurricular life had been enriched and their skills had been improved.

                        This activity had a distinct theme, substantial content, education with recreation, which was deeply welcomed by the students

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