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The Pharmacy Freshmen Visited Laboratories In School of Pharmacy

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                    The Pharmacy Freshmen Visited Laboratories In School of Pharmacy
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                        On the afternoon of September 10, the freshmen of 2014 visited the laboratories under their counsellors. The aim of this activity was to help freshmen to adjust to college life rapidly and realize professional orientation. Moreover, through this activity, students could experience the beauty of practical science and subsequently be motivated to learn well in class.

                        In labs, the teacher in charge introduced the basic function of each lab room firstly, then demonstrated the various sorts of laboratorial equipment. During the observation, the complicated mechanism and application of different equipment was explained in a accessible and engaging way, which made our students understand it more easily. Due to the amazing presentation, the freshmen were attracted to these fascinating machines, and quite interested in pharmacy labs. In addition, the extraordinary appearance of senior students and graduates had impressed our students deeply while visiting.

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