Pharmaceutical Engineering Successfully Completed the On-site Inspection

Time2017-11-17 Onclick

Five experts assigned by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA) arrived at UJS School of Pharmacy, to make the on-site inspection for the Pharmaceutical Engineering education accreditation in Nov. 5th-8th, 2017.

The presentation meeting was hold in conference room, 6th floor in the library building on Nov. 6th. All the experts, leaders of Jiangsu University, School of Pharmacy, and related teachers attended this meeting. The vice president, Prof. Mei Qiang extended a warm welcome to all the experts on behalf of UJS. And Prof. Gao Zhanxian, team leader, introduced the experts and the site inspection procedure and aim. Prof. Xu Ximing, dean of School of Pharmacy presented the progress of Pharmaceutical Engineering education accreditation.

In the 3 days, the experts inspected the related conditions of Pharmaceutical Engineering education, and concluded an inspection report. In the report, Prof. Gao Zhanxian praised the conditions and teaching quality of Pharmaceutical Engineering education, and pointed out some problems that need to be overcome. The UJS president, Prof. Yan Xiaohong expressed a heartfelt appreciation for the site inspection on behalf of UJS, and the determination to increase educational investment, improve the conditions and teaching quality.

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