Hand in Hand, to Build a Healthy China Dream-Freshmen Orientation in the School of pharmacy

Time2017-09-12 Onclick

At 14:00 pm on 11th of September,Prof. Ximing Xu, the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Jiangsu University, made a lecture on 2017 Freshmen Orientation at Classroom 1101 of our School with "hand in hand, to build a healthy China dream".

First at all, the Dean Xu Ximing introduced the basic situation of the School of Pharmacy, including the brief introduction of the majors of the college, the excellent teacher's strength, the honor of the past, the construction of the current research environment and the main achievements and alumni development. He explained to the studentsthe two issues of "why to study pharmacy" and "why to choose the Jiangsu University" and the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, the Dean encouraged freshmen to make plans early, study hard and have a meaningful College life.

The students said that, they had a deeper understanding of pharmacy and Jiangsu Universitythrough this lecture, and they also clarify their goals and double their efforts in the future.

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