Professor Xu Ximing selected into the 2015 National Millions Talent Project

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Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the list of selected National Millions Talent Project in 2015. Professor Xu Ximing was successfully selected, and also honored with the national Outstanding Contributions of Young Expert.

Professor Xu Ximing is an academic leader of Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD), a leader of science and technology innovation team of Jiangsu Institutions for higher education and a training candidate for Youth Science and Technology Talents of 333 Project in Jiangsu Province. He undertook the project of National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and Technology Support Plans, Creation of Major New Drugs, 863 Project and 40 items of all kinds of enterprises entrusted and the research projects.

Professor Xu Ximing published more than 100 papers in top journals including Advanced Functional Materials, Biomaterials, and Small. He has obtained 30 patents authorized by China and 2 patents authorized by United States. He won an award of the first prize in progress of science and technology by Ministry of Education, 2 awards of the second prize in technological invention, and 3 awards of the third prize in provincial science and technology progress award. Moreover, He won 1 special award (instructor) for College students nationwide of Challenge Cup competition.

Furthermore, Professor Xu Ximing insists on paying attention to both basic research and applied research, and built three research platforms with enterprises in Jiangsu Province, declared of three new medicines with others. By cooperation with enterprises, transforming enterprises and applying relevant technical achievements in many domestic enterprises, he made outstanding contributions on promoting the transformation of achievements and the development of science and technology. Till present, there are totally seven candidates of National Talents Project in Jiangsu University.

National Millions Talent Project was initialed by Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, and some others. It is a high-level talent project, which aims to strengthen the construction of high-level professional technology talent team. The project is for all types of enterprises and professionals, focusing on selecting and training high-level youth leaders, who focus on world technology frontier and can lead and support the significant development of national major technology and key fields.

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