Academic Salon on “Traditional Chinese Medicine” Held in School of Pharmacy

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In the evening of December 8, an academic salon themed of "Traditional Chinese Medicine" was held in the college conference room of School of Pharmacy. Mr. Weidong Xu and all graduate students were invited to attend the salon.

The salon consisted of two sessions, the first was a speech given by Mr. Xu, who introduced the traditional Chinese medicine theory of Yin and Yang (阴阳学说) which enhanced the students’ interests in “Yin-Yang and Five Elements” (阴阳五行). After the speech, a knowledge contest was raised among the attended students, who were divided into five groups. The participants were shot with all kinds of questions and the whole activity was gradually pushed up to the climax duringquestioning and answering. Finally, the students from the fifth group won the champion of the competition.

This successful academic salon provided the students not only with a great chance to be familiar with the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, but also with much helpfulness in the heritage of Chinese traditional culture and better meeting with the development of modern society.

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