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Herbs Club Won Outstanding Organization Award in the First Cross-Strait UniversityForumon

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The First Cross-Strait University forum on"Confucianism Elegant Clubs" was hosted by Higher Education Academy of China (HEAC) and Cross-strait Association of Culture Education Economy and Trade (ACEET), and co-organized by The Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, Development Institute in Taiwan and Chinese Academic and Educational Foundation (CAEF), was held in National Academy of Education Administration, Beijing, Chinaon July 2, 2015,. Dozens of famous educators, scholars and representative teachers involved in traditional culture education and nearly one hundred communities themed traditional culture from Universities of both sides of the Straits attended the forum. Leaderships, including Mr. Xiaobing Wang (Deputy Secretary General of ARATS), Mr. Lingshan Zhao (Deputy Director of the Ministry of higher education in Hong Kong and Macao Office) , Mr. Zhenyuan Qu(President of Higher Education Academy of China) , Mr. Feng Huxiang (President of Cross-strait Association of Culture Education Economy and Trade) , Ma Jianfei (Party Secretary of Chinese Language Council International, also known as Hanban), were invited as honored guests. The theme of this forum was to develop the state through civilization and educate people with culture. Several related topics were setand received full discussion, such as the status and role of higher education in the excellentChinese traditional culture, the merge of Chinese traditional culture and students' culture education, and the effective way of the heritage and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture by college students from both sides. Nearly 70 featured communities, covered six fields, Confucianism, Chinese painting, martial arts, Chinese drama, folk-custom, and TCM, were the finalists on the community style exhibition. Forum awards, including Campus Influence Award, Cultural Creativity Award and Excellent Organization Award, were granted to 18 communities in total.

Herbs Club of Jiangsu University was on the list of the invited clubs participating in the Forum and won the Outstanding Organization Award from the Forumfortunately.

Herbs Club was founded in 2009. Under the supervision of Prof. Zhen Ouyang, Vice Dean of School of Pharmacy, six departments, constituting 237 members, are carrying forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine. Many featured and interesting activities are arranged annually, such as Herb gathering in Nanshan Mountain, Campus herb recognition, Herbal Culture Festival, herbal knowledge quiz,herbal sachet-making, herbs painting, survey and protection of traditional medicine resources in Maoshan and Nanshan mountain, seedlings bazaar, and social practice "find out traditional Chinese medicines around your hometown" during the winter holiday.

Together with other communities both inside and out of campus, Herbs Club are making more and more positive contributions to the popularization of college students' knowledge of traditional culture of Chinese medicine, reminding young students of their concern for others and also social consciousness. The Club was granted as one of "The best 100 college student associations in Jiangsu" and "The Five-Star Club of Jiangsu University ". Winning the "Outstanding Organization Award" from the Cross-Strait forum is officially recognized once more of our Herbs Club. Furthermore, the club also successfully got the attendance invitation of the second forum, which will be held in Taiwan in 2016.

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