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¡°Professional Guidance Lecture¡± for the Students of Pharmaceutical Preparations in School of Pharmac

Time£º2015-06-02 Onclick£º

A ¡°Professional Guidance Lecture¡± was especially given to the students of Pharmaceutical Preparationsat theroom of 1101 on the 29thof May. Dean of School of Pharmacy,Prof.Ximing Xuwasinvited as the keyspeaker.

Prof. Xu started his speech with the agreement on the students¡¯choice of learning pharmaceutical preparations. Then he explained at least nine main advantages of choosing pharmaceutical preparation specialty, which is playing an important role within the area of pharmaceutical science. Since the specialty in our school is listed among those famousones in the mainland of China, outstanding studentsare welcomed to apply the postgraduate positions after finishing four-year course. For those junior students, Prof. Xu helped tomake them clear about the questions from study motivation and English learning to the information about specialized courses in senior grades. During the communication session, audience raised quite a lot of questions, covering the employment situation after graduation, how to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, future career development, the frontier of pharmaceutical preparation, etc. which were individually answered by Prof. Xu.When the speech came to the end, Prof. Xu shared his own educational experiences and encouraged the young students to save time to study hard and to make contributions to the national development of pharmaceutical science.

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