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Prof. Imai from Kumamoto University and Prof. Yamashita of Kyoto University in Japan as Visiting Pro

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Prof. Imai from Kumamoto University and Prof. Yamashita of Kyoto University in Japan as Visiting Professor of Jiangsu University

On 9th December, the welcome ceremony and academic report of Prof. Imai from Kumamoto University and Prof. Yamashita from Kyoto University in Japan was held the Conference Hall in Jiangsu University. Prof. Xu Huaxi, the Vice secretary of the University and Secretary of Commission, represented the school to issue appointment letters to them. Prof. Xu Ximing, the dean of School of Pharmacy, presided the ceremony and A/Prof. Wei Yuan (the secretary of CPC of the School of Pharmacy) and A/Prof. Feng Chunlai (the vice Dean of the School of Pharmacy), and teachers and students participated in the activities.

After the ceremony, Prof. Imai made an academic report "precursor drugs, medicine, and soft drug metabolism study". In this report, she introduced the related background and the research work about finding and mechanism of new drug in precursor medicine, medicine, soft medicine which her team engaged in. Then Prof. Yamashita made an academic report "the research of effective drugs in predicting technology based on the In silico drug dynamics". He made a detailed report with the application of computer simulation technology in pharmacology dynamics prediction of the early stage of the drug research. After the conference, the two professors visited the laboratory in School of Pharmacy and discussed with the teachers.

Professor Imai is a professor of Kumamoto University in Japan, engaged in the research of pharmacokinetics and drug delivery system, especially the structure of drug metabolism enzymes, function analysis, and the research of pro-drug design based on the quantitative analysis of drugs in vivo dynamics. She obtained remarkable achievements in the carboxylesterase, butyryl cholinesterase and hydrolysis enzymes such as organ specificity of protease and the cytochrome P450 drug absorption studies and prodrug design field. She host and participated in 10 of the national subjects, more than 7000 yen, published over 100 papers, 12 written books and 12 patents. Currently she is the director of the institute of Japanese drug dynamic, the senator of pharmaceutical society of Japan, Japan society and Japan DDS. And he is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Incorporated (nasdaq: PCLN - news) (ASPET), American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX).

Professor Yamashita works in Kyoto university in Japan and is a researcher in Riken Institute at the same time. He mainly engaged in drug delivery system (DDS) and dynamic prediction research. He had remarkable achievements in new drug carrier, targeted therapy, gene transfer, tumor stem cell therapy, the forecast of pharmacokinetics and the function analysis. He has presided over more than 30 of the national subjects, more than 7000 yen, published more than 200 papers and 8 writing English books, 12 of the Japanese monographs and 4 patents. Currently he is the senator of the Pharmaceutical society of Japan, Japan DDS society, Japanese Drug dynamic councilor, a famous editor of International Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences, the consultant of Pharmaceutical Research, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics and Journal of Pharmaceutical Science.

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